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Bernard Kleina

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Hope for Our Homes and Neighborhoods

May we be treated fairly and without prejudice in our search for a home.

May we live in a neighborhood with opportunities to work, shop and play safely.

May all be welcome in our neighborhood without judgment or fear.

May our home loan be based on the content of our bank account and not on the color of our skin or the accent in our voice.

May our home be a place of comfort, strength and laughter.

May we solve differences in our community in a climate of compassion, respect and understanding.

May our children learn kindness along with how to think, communicate, work and live in a free and generous society.

May our home be accessible to us as we age and to our friends and family of any age and circumstance who may visit.

May the laws of the land protect our dreams of hope and home and keep us safe from discrimination and hurt.

- Bernard Kleina